Friday, June 3, 2011

There are some people who don't suck after all!

I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around. I live my life peacefully, take care of my family, don't shirk responsibility- even when I am tired, annoyed, pissed off or sick. I think I am a good friend, a good listener and would seriously give someone the shirt off my back if they needed it. I do my share of bitching and moaning- life sucks, why me etc. I mean, I am only human, right?  I am not in the least bit perfect, I try not to be judgemental (not always successfully) and give people the benefit of the doubt.

Humanity has gone bat-shit crazy. Shootings, kidnappings awful things happen every single day, and it hurts my heart and soul every single time I hear another awful news story. I wonder how in the hell people can suck so bad- how hard is it to just take your knocks and not go on a murderous rampage?

I am blessed with fairly good physical health, a loving husband, great, healthy kids, a roof over my head, a car to drive to the crappy job that I SWEAR I will not be at FOREVER, food to eat and a glass of wine when I want it. I have wonderful friends, some geographically close, some not, and some I have never even met, thanks to Facebook.

So when one of those friends I have NEVER met sees that I am trying to win an iPad for my autistic son's class she decided to do something completely amazing and selfless. She talks to her equally wonderful husband ( when he is not pissing her off!) about getting an iPad for my boy. His company gives them away as promotions and she asked if he could see about getting one for my son. her hubby said yes- and now my son has his very own iPad- which has some AMAZING applications for autistic kids. Oh, and Angry Birds too!
This is paying it forward times 1000, a million! She is very modest and downplays how awesome this is. I have never had anybody do something like this for me- or more accurately my son- most especially someone who I have never even met personally. Don't get me wrong- many people have done many nice things for me, but WOW.  I hope she is basking in our appreciation and feeling the love that I am projecting across the miles. I am absolutely floored by the kindness this woman and her husband have shown- and it seriously gives me hope for the rest of humanity.

So tonight I raise my glass of Barefoot Sweet Red to two wonderful people who have made mine and my son's day, month, year! *Cheers* to you! I guess all those little things that I do that even I take for granted do add up. What goes around comes around indeed.

We are still trying to win the iPad for my son's class..the applications are amazing and can help autistic kids in so many ways..check out our Facebook page and hopefully help us reach our goal!!/pages/Support-Autism-Awareness-Help-Noah-and-I-win-an-I-Pad-for-his-class/173691592667555