Thursday, June 16, 2011

You're never too old for a blanket fort

It's official- my two darlings are both out of school for summer vacation. I normally can't wait for the end of school- I love spending time with them- unless they are fighting of course- then I want to sell them to gypsies. But- for the second summer in a row- I am working. Meh.

So I took today off- mostly out of necessity- Noah is done with school and Rylee had a half day and dad took yesterday off. But I intended on making the most of it- we are broke as a joke right now so some homemade fun that doesn't cost a dime is in order.

Now, Noah will gladly rot in front of the damn TV, playing video games, watching endless episodes of Spongebob and rotting his little brain. Getting him to do something that doesn't involve the TV is difficult at best..and my options are limited. If it's not a Nerf Gun battle, lightsaber battle, or most recently a water gun battle- he's not interested. So I figured  my idea to build a blanket fort would be met with much excitement...but it didn't start out like that.

"Noah! Let's build a blanket fort!"

"OK Mom- when I am done playing Lego Star Wars"

Oh crap- that could be hours from I decided to build my own fort- and told him he couldn't play in it. HA! My plan worked! Now he was all into it- so much so he pulled all of the blankets AND sheets off his BROTHER'S bed- not his own because "that will mess it up"
I know he can read that sign. 

After construction was complete- I discovered we had 2 rooms in our fort- so I of course commandeered the larger of them ...and then it was a game to come into "Mom's Room"

The blanket fort is still standing- even though my OCD is in overdrive knowing beds are unmade and my tiny living room is dominated by it- but I rarely get these moments with Noah- autism puts a damper on these spontaneous things- and ADHD usually turns them into a nightmare of him getting way too hyper and spinning out of control. Today was the exception. We had a blast- ate lunch in the fort and read books.
A "few" of his favorite books

Knowing that he will be at the mercy of his older sister and a babysitter most of the summer made today that much more fun.

Well, back to the fort- looks like it has been modified to include light sabers now... wish me luck!
Hanging out with my boy is the shiz