Friday, June 3, 2011

I have to work this summer- why can't I just win the lottery?

Working is a necessary thing. Some have a job and some have a career. For the last 11 years I have fallen into the latter category- I have a career. I teach preschool, and I love it! I love young children, I love finger-painting, wearing pajamas to work, singing and dancing but most of all I love opening windows and doors in young minds and watching them learn. It is an amazingly rewarding career, and I have been blessed to be able to not only work with other's children but to  have my own right there with me. 
As I have gotten older- my career goals have changed drastically. While I still love working with the little ones, having a child diagnosed with Autism made me rethink my career choice. So 2 years ago I went back to college (Wayne State-go Warriors!) to get my BA in Special Education, with a focus on Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Time and money constraints have forced me to take a hiatus from school- and working as a substitute is not cutting it.

Enter the job hunt. I cannot believe how hard it is to find a simple cocktail waitress or bar-tending job- which was my first choice. Being summer, kiddos are home- I wanted something that would allow me to work evenings so my husband could be home while I was at work. Several applications later- I was completely frustrated and more than a little depressed. I am not 22 any more and being a little on the chunky side  worked against me- regardless of customer service skills- I did not fit the mold of the perky cocktail waitress.

So in a desperate moment (ok, after a couple of glasses of wine and a small pity party) I applied at the local grocery store, Kroger. Being as most of my family worked there, I figured what the hell? So after filling out a very long application and personality quiz- I actually moved on- forgetting about it. That is, until my phone rang last Tuesday- Kroger calling- Can you come in for an interview tomorrow? Of course I said yes.

So had a very successful interview- took the pre-employment drug test, and now today get the phone call to come in for orientation tomorrow. -Insert big sigh here-  Yes we need the money, but I haven't worked in summer in 10 + years! I am spoiled!  So now I need to worry about baby-sitters, getting the youngest to summer school, my anniversary getaway in July, and will I even be making enough money to justify working?  All of these worries on top of my own medical issues and a surgery I will be putting off until school starts (at the very least). 

I am thrilled that I will be bringing in a paycheck- it certainly will (hopefully) help- especially with 2 birthdays this summer, I am happy I was able to find a job that is literally 5 minutes from my house, I am happy to have found a job at all. I know I sound like a snotty, unappreciative bitch- but if those lottery numbers will just cooperate, it would be so nice.