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Autism, Paranormal Investigators and a Guest Blog

I have been a terribly lazy blogger. I have been very busy doing other things, but I don't want to make excuses! To make up for my laziness I asked the author of the blog My Ausome Son from one of my most stalked Facebook pages A Legion for Liam to write a guest post for me.She is an amazing mom and I love her blog! Every day this month she is sharing a holiday coloring page or maze chosen by Liam- so cool!  Her Liam reminds me a lot of The Boy and her attitude reminds me a lot of MYSELF! Go check her out on FB, and go read her blog- you won't be disappointed! One of her most recent posts I REALLy enjoyed and could relate so much with was Yes, even Santa makes mistakes  So, without further delay- introducing, A Legion for Liam.

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I was asked by Red Vines and Wine to do a guest blog post….So here goes….I hope I do it justice. 
(Of course she did!)

Tell me a little about you! (Paranormal investigator- I want to know about that!):
As you may or may not know, my real name is Courtney. It’s funny because I have come to “know” so many of you, but most of you I know by your page names, not your real names.
I am 33, the baby of my family, and grew up in a small town. I still live in a small town, not far from where I grew up. I have always had macabre interests that stem from as far back as I can remember. When we moved in 1988, our house was placed on top of the old foundation of the Goodwin Family homestead. Where my room was, used to be the old kitchen, and it was where my great great Aunt, passed on. It wasn’t long before our house had paranormal activity, and at that young age I was terrified!
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The older I got, the more interested I became. I wanted to know if all the experiences I had as a child were real, or part of an over active imagination.
In 2007 we started to have experiences in our own home, and through a friend, I contacted a local paranormal group. They investigated our home, and caught one EVP. They also asked me to join their group. I was ecstatic. 
So, in my spare time, I am a paranormal investigator with Endless Mountains Paranormal. (they are on Facebook  Check ‘em out and tell them I sent you!!!) It’s often harder for me to go now a days because Liam tends to be so much of a hand full, I feel terrible leaving him with his dad. 
Tell me about Liam:

More about Liam:
Liam is now 6. He has only been officially diagnosed for over a year, though I have always known there was something different about him. 
As you may or may not know, Liam’s official diagnosis is now Autism Spectrum Disorder. He was originally diagnosed as having Aspergers, but upon a second opinion, it was changed to ASD. He is however high functioning. He very much resembles a child with Aspergers, but he also leans more towards a traditional ASD diagnosis. He is kinda, in between.

He is super smart, has an AUSOME memory and really amazes me (and many others) with his vocabulary. What is funny is that, he can’t read between the lines, he doesn’t get a joke, yet he will try like hell to make one!!!!

He is a good boy but is VERY high strung, often aggressive, and mouthy as well. Many don’t believe he is on the spectrum because “he is so smart!” A common misconception and one of the reasons I wanted to start ALFL.
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What are some of your experiences with autism? The good, the not so good and the AWFUL

I tend to be a glass half full person, and I always try to view Autism in that manner. Let’s face it though, it’s not always that easy. There are days when Autism sneaks up, kicks our legs out from under us, and knocks us on our arses! I HATE those days!

Those are the days I want to scream! I want to take Autism away, and never have to think about it again. Those are the days I might actually tell you I WANT a cure for Autism……..
If you know me, or follow me, you know that is NOT like me. I don’t feel my son needs “cured” because I don’t feel there is anything “wrong” with him. I feel Autism is a part of who he is, and without it he would be a different little boy……

But as I said, the days when Autism is full blown and raging in my face, I hate it! I hate when my child wants nothing more than to play with other kids, and then he is shot down because of his inability to understand the game or social cues of the other kiddos. I hate Autism when it shoots his anxiety through the roof, and something so simple for “normal” kids, such as a birthday party, becomes a cause for concern and major worry for a 6 year old child. I hate Autism when it makes him meltdown over a thrown away receipt, or a penny he NEEDS to pick up from the dirty, nasty ground. I hate Autism when my son won’t hug me, show me affection or look me in the eye……

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I also LOVE Autism. Yep, you read right, I sure do! I love Autism, when my son teaches ME how to use my computer better. I love Autism when my son teaches me how to play a video game. I love Autism when my son repeats a commercial or catch phrase word for word, at just the right time. I love Autism because of the bond he has with his friends with Autism. I love that they are drawn to each other and have a friendship like no other. I love Autism because I have met some great mothers with children I adore! I also love Autism because it brought you all to me, or me to all of you. I feel I am part of a sorority/frat house of other Autism parents, who understand one another like no one else can. For all of that, I love Autism!

What is one quirk that you LOVE about your Aspie?

My favorite quirk of Liam’s would have to be his connection with the elderly. Put him a room of his peers and he fails to connect miserably. Take him to an old folks home and watch him shine! He is a 6 year old with the mind of a 60 year old. He is for sure an old soul! Every year when we go trick or treating, we HAVE to take him into the retirement home. NOT for candy, but to VISIT! Yes, I said visit. He absolutely adores them! We have elderly neighbors, and almost every day he goes over for a visit.

What is one thing you would trade anything so that he would not do it?

That being said, I have to say he also has some annoying quirks. Hmmmm, where shall I start. We DON’T step on cracks! (sometimes that is a real PITA) We can’t say certain things (ie: kill two birds with one stone,(because why would you kill 2 birds!) (we also can’t say, “see you later” unless you fully intend to see that person later!) VOCAL STIMMING!!!!! I used to think Liam just talked to talk, or to annoy me!!! I now know better, but that doesn’t make it any easier. One can only stand to hear “Topeka Kansas” less than 100 times a day. Oh and phonics, well they suck! He stims on every consonant sound, UGH!!!
How do you deal with autism and the holidays?

As those of you who follow my ALFL page know, the holidays are already upon us. That means STRESS for everyone!!!! Of course, Autism doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t take a day off, nor does it care about the holidays. 

Every year I am constantly thinking of how the family gatherings will go. I will say it has gotten easier since the official diagnosis. They all know Liam has Autism, and no longer think, “wow her kid is a brat!” With that said, I still am self conscious about how he will behave. 
I ALWAYS take a bag with sensory toys and things to keep him occupied. Electronics are a must!!!! The newest addition is his body sock. This way, if I have to remove him from all the excitement, he can crawl in and feel even more secure. 

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Let’s not forgot the special goodies… He is no longer GFCF because well, we can’t afford it. (that sounds awful but hey, I am honest!) I do take food because as many of you know our kiddos are so darn finicky! I make sure I take enough for him to share because hey, he is not the only kid at these functions.
One thing I have also learned to do is to judge his emotions. I pay close attention the day of the function to how he is feeling/acting. Upon arriving at said function, I make no bones about alerting everyone to the fact that Liam is having a “rough, good, bad, angry or anxious” day. I am not looking to get him sympathy, I am looking for them to cut him a little slack if he behaves inappropriately. It seems to work with our families, and he is now more understood by them all than he has ever been!

So, my friends, that is my life in a nutshell. I am not an exciting person. I myself am quirky, awkward and sometimes anti social. I am me! You either, love me or hate me. It makes no difference to me. I am who I am and though approval is nice, it’s not needed. Hey, took me 30 years to learn this! (I couldn't have said it better Courtney!)

Thank you so much Courtney for sharing Liam and a snapshot of your family with us!  
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just clearing the air

I have been feeling a rant coming on for the last couple of days. Blame it on the PMS, blame it on my supreme over tired, possibly coming down with a cold cranky bitchiness- whatever the cause it's festering. And nothing that includes the word "festering" can be good. Most especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

So- let's start with my daily Thankful quotes. I am thankful each and every day I wake up. I am thankful each and every day I wake up healthy.I am thankful each day my kids wake up healthy.  I like to showcase that during the month of November when everyone is feeling all grateful and thankful and warm and fuzzy. I do not discount the notion of being grateful every single damn day. But guess what? There are days that I am NOT grateful. Not for one damn thing! SURPRISE! I'm human.   Apparently there are those who think this is stupid and don't miss a chance to say something about it. IT'S FACEBOOK PEOPLE. DON'T LIKE IT? DON'T READ IT! BLOCK ME!  Just keep your condescending "You should be thankful every day of the year" bullshit to yourself. This DOES NOT include those who are NOT condescending, preachy or assholes. Just sayin.

I wish this was me
Let's throw in The Mister being off work for most of Thanksgiving break. And the fact that for 1 1/2 days we will be kid free. And the way he is leering at me and grabbing my ass every time he walks by. Listen- I am not opposed to some middle of the day sexy naked time- WHEN I am not PMS-ing like a bitch from hell, my hormones are fucked up - because apparently my crazy level wasn't high enough and I believe perimenopause has set in and I can't remember ANYTHING! Like to give The Boy his meds, remember he has band an extra day this week, or forget to help Teenzilla put the drops in her ear due to a mild ear infection. Or did I take aspirin, did I finish that homework assignment, what the hell was I just doing???   But then my bitch level reaches DEFCON 1 and everything my hubs does makes me MAD! It's not his fault, and when the mood switch is flipped I am a blubbering mess and apologizing like there is no tomorrow.

Now throw in a moody PMSing Teenzilla and it is like WWIII around here. Not pretty.

Schedule. He needs it. 
Then of course there is the fact that kiddos are off school, starting at noon tomorrow through Monday. Well- The Boy has Monday off, Teenzilla doesn't- STUPID.  Let's look at the rest of the week shall we?  No school Monday. Full day Tuesday. 1/2 days Wednesday and Thursday. Full day Friday. Is this a fucked up schedule or what? The Boy is going to be ridiculously out of sorts and I swear the first phone call I get from the school is not going to end well. You people couldn't have Tuesday and Wednesday be full days and Thursday and Friday be 1/2 days? HOW FUCKING HARD WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?? Don't get me started on how parents won't come to conferences on Fridays- I teach- I am a parent- this could have worked out in a much less clusterfucky fashion.

Look at that. I am already feeling better.  Or maybe it's the wine. See the smile?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's not Christmas YET!! Let's sing Turkey Carols!

I hate how Christmas begins in October. I hate going into a store and hearing Christmas carols BEFORE Thanksgiving. I know I am not alone.  As much as I love the holiday season- I really, really hate that it starts so damn early.

So in the spirit of Turkey Day- let me introduce you some Thanksgiving Day Carols...I am sure you can figure out the tunes on your own. Enjoy! 


Here comes Thanksgiving

Here comes Thanksgiving

Long before Christmas Day

No jingle bells, no Christmas trees

No songs about a sleigh

We will eat and we will sleep

We’ll watch some football games

Cause it is almost Thanksgiving

And it’s long before Christmas Day!


Tur-KEY roasting on an open fire,
Gravy cooking on the stove.
Thanksgiving carols being sung by a fire,
Our eyes as big as Oreos.
Everybody knows some turkey and some cranberries
Help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.
They know Thanks-GIHHHHVVV-ing’s on its way,
And that means lots of white and dark meat on a tray.
And every mother’s child is gonna try
To see if they can eat everything on the table and not die.
And so I’m offering this simple phrase
For kids from 1 to 92.
Although it’s been said, many times, many ways,
Merry Turkeyday


I’m dreaming of a Thanks-giving
Just like the ones I used to know.
Where the turkeys glisten
And children listen
To hear someone at the do’.
I’m dreaming of a Thanks-giving
With every mouthful that I bite.
May your days be merry and bright.
And may all your Thanksgivings-es be all right.

Here's hoping that you will be singing these LOUDLY the next time you are in a store that insists on Christmas carols too damn early.  Who knows, maybe it will catch on!