Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mischief Managed. Farewell Harry Potter- I will miss you

We studied with Hermione. We doubted with Seamus. We stayed loyal with Ron. We believed with Luna. We gained courage with Neville. We laughed with Fred & George. We became wiser with Dumbledore. We raised a dragon with Hagrid. We felt sorry for Draco. We loved with Snape. And above all, we grew up and fought Voldemort with Harry. We are the Harry Potter generation...

I miss Harry Potter.

Can you miss someone who isn’t real? Definitely. We miss a good book when it finishes, a favorite TV series when it’s over, and a good movie when the credits roll. When the final Harry Potter book came out- my daughter and I were in one of the long lines that were  around the country and around the world to buy the book as soon as it went on sale. Was Snape good or bad? Was Dumbledore still alive? Who was going to die? Was Harry going to die?  Did it matter if a fictional character died? All one had to do was see the faces and listen to the conversations of those in line to see that it DID matter. A LOT!

I began the journey with Harry Potter with my oldest son. His great grandma got him the book when he was 9- and we read it together.  The book was so easy to read,  you immediately loved Harry- the little boy who was  unloved, neglected and abused and  who had been told all his life that he was both a disappointment and an embarrassment, just by being who he was. At age eleven,  he discovered that not only was he a special boy, in some ways he was the most special person in a magical world of wonders where he did belong and where he was desperately wanted and valued. What a wonderful message—that we can be more important and valuable than we have ever dreamed. Add to this great imagination, clever humor, overflowing adventure, layers of mystery, and good triumphing over evil and you’ve got a hell of a story.

We followed Harry through the years, and then my daughter became interested- unfortunately more in the movies than the books. We read the first one together, and then she just was interested in the movies. But she still came to the midnight book sales with us- and saw her first midnight movie premiere last year- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Even then I hadn't grasped that the end of an era was looming.She is now a "Potter Head" and is trying to read all the books. Better late than never!

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of of the new movie. I bought tickets to the midnight premiere and started helping my daughter plan her costume. I searched high and low for a Gryffindor tie for her to wear- no such luck- SOLD OUT everywhere I looked. I got her a Deathly Hallows necklace instead- which she vowed to NEVER take off. (she hasn't yet!)

Wizard Dorks!
We got ready to go- even going out and writing "Hogwarts Express" on the back of my car.  yes- we are total geeks- and loving every minute of it!

As we waited in the crowded theater for the movie to start- we were laughing and loving all of the costumes. From Harry to Fawkes- the fans showed up in all their Potter glory to say goodbye to this boy who we have watched grow into a man. We had our wands, as did so many others and all through the theater you could here people jinxing each other. It was such an amazing spectacle- and that my almost 13 year old daughter was enjoying it with me made it that much more special. Then to top it off- my oldest showed up at the theater.  I remembered taking him to the first movie- dressed up as little Harry...the circle was complete, we began together- and ended together. It was beautiful.

We cheered, and clapped, and hollered at various scenes through the movie and we cried when our favorite characters died.   There was a movement on Twitter that said as soon as the credits began to roll- raise your wand and say "Mischief Managed" ( if you have not read the books- then you don't know what the Marauders Map is and all of this is lost on you anyway) And that is just what we did....and then cried like babies.

Look how they changed
(I have seen it twice already...took hubby to see it on Saturday. I will probably definitely see it again. Maybe in 3D.)