Friday, June 3, 2011

Homework sucks!

Homework makes you sweat.  Better take off that shirt.
Imagine this: There is an extremely hyperactive monkey living in your house. Hopped up on sugar and Red Bull. Your job is to get the monkey to sit down, pick up a pencil and write something on a piece of paper. Not just anything mind you- it has to be full, complete sentences answering questions about science. Then 50 multiplication problems. All while you are trying to cook dinner  That my friends, is a typical evening in our house with my Autistic/ADHD 8 year old.

Tonight was no exception. Although today- his schedule was all messed up since he had to go to the doctor this afternoon- therefore he had extra homework. Now factor in  that some of the homework has some writing, and this is a kid who HATES to write. It's like we are ripping his arms off or something. Tonight's extra added fun? About 10 minutes in to the torture session he rips off his shirt and says that his homework is making him hot, the sweatshirt he is wearing is making him hot. Love those sensory issues. And then he cries. Fake cries- which is 100 times more annoying. 

Now I have threatened to take away television for the night and his dad has stepped in and is trying to help by sitting with him so I can cook dinner and breathe.

Now dad has very little patience with homework and this child. The way he explains things to this child does NOT work like with the others, This child needs very explicit directions- and he does things in a certain way- and woe to the person who tries to change it up. I then find myself explaining to BOTH of them the way to do said homework. The boy can do every other math problem, and being it is multiplication he will be doing the same problem a few times anyway so it all works out. BUT- he MUST circle every other problem and then do them. I am guilty of starting that so now it is just how he does it. Dad doesn't get this- the boy smarts off, dad gets mad and mom loses what is left of her mind.

A little background on me- I HATE all forms of homework. I feel that it is arbitrary, does not always fulfill what the original concept of homework is (to reinforce concepts) and cuts into family time. Add in the hyperactive monkey- well it is no wonder I just want to cry when I open the backpack and see the homework in the folder. And I LOVE his teacher- I do! But since he is "mainstreamed" it is expected that he does what the other children are doing. It doesn't make it suck any less.

So now, homework done- empty threats forgotten (until tomorrow) and I am drinking a LARGE glass of wine and enjoying the quiet. Until the next round of homework anyway.