Friday, June 3, 2011

Moms Who Drink and Swear saved my life!

You know THAT mom. The one at the store who smiles at everything, speaks to her rowdy children in that sweet little voice and gives you that sad look when you yell at your own demon spawn for knocking that display over. The one who feeds her kids only organic, never eats sugary snacks and prepares a 4 course dinner every night for her perfect family. The mom whose idea of indulgence is a sip of Chardonnay at the husbands company party. The mom who would never dream of working outside the home and devotes every second to her over indulged children all while looking down her nose at the rest of us.  She never has that faint scent of vomit and Fruit Loops about her, and her clothes and hair are impeccable.  They are everywhere- Stepford wife/moms who would rather eat their own hand then raise their voice to their darling progeny.   I am NOT that mom.

I love all of my children. They are amazing creatures that blow my mind  on a regular basis. But they also drive me BONKERS!! There are days that I seriously can't take anymore of the whining, messy fighting, crying reality that is children. And I have lost it on more than one occasion and dropped a f-bomb (or three) in front of them.   And then one night a little over a year ago- while learning the intricacies of Facebook I came upon a page titled "Moms who Drink and Swear".Now I can't remember exactly HOW I came across it- but after reading the description I immediately was hooked.   The first few posts had me laughing so hard I almost spilled my wine. Here were moms who were bitching about changing diapers, messy kids, bratty teens, less than helpful husbands, cellulite, kids TV  and everything in between! There were posts about what juice box is the best mixer for vodka and posts about drinking the last of the booze in the house. And the f-bombs! These moms- they were REAL. Their kids were loved and taken care of, but they told the simple truth- kids can be a giant pain in the ass!  And they would never utter those words to their kiddos-  but now they had somewhere to go and say EXACTLY what was on their mind- with no fear of judgment.  I had found my Mecca and I HAD to know more!!

What's this? There is a whole website too? The headline read -Do you indulge in an adult beverage once in awhile after a long hard day of mommin?  Have you dropped the f-bomb in front of the kids? This is website is for you.  It comes equipped with blithering blogging from a mom who gets it. This is a site for real moms with real humor and great love for their families who are not afraid to speak the truth. 

                                                    Relax Mom, welcome home! 

I was immediately hooked on the snarky, sharp tongued wit of the owner and devoured everything on the site. From then on, every day I was checking in to the Facebook page, reading posts, commenting and commiserating with others, posting my own rants and laughing.  I shared the website with my friends and told everyone I knew about this amazing phenomenon called MWDAS!   I started reading "Nikki's Blithering Blog" and have been blown away every time I read it. It has brought me to tears, it has made me laugh till I peed my pants, it has made me do research and learn about things previously unheard of.

I was relating to so many of these funny women and I was getting new friends daily.  I soon  discovered that many of these foul mouth, booze swilling mama's had children with special needs, like me.  I started talking with some of these women outside of Facebook, via email, and soon phone conversations began as well. I am proud to say that I can also call the amazing founder of this group a close friend too.  Nikki is an inspiration- she was my inspiration to begin writing this blog. We have many of the same issues with our kids and I can call and talk to her about anything! (It is a bit disconcerting to hear that tiny little voice drop an f-bomb the first time!)   She is smart, funny, and has a heart as big as the universe.  It is through her brainchild that I have made some dear friends- sight unseen! We have so much in common- and I have to believe there was a higher power guiding her in this venture- because I have honesty met a handful of kindred spirits that I treasure as much as my closest and dearest friends.

Thank you Nikki and thank you Moms Who Drink and Swear- I am not adrift in a sea of pearl clutchers any longer! Cheers!