Friday, June 3, 2011

It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

Wow...a couple of weeks ago I wasn't ready to send my little darlings back to school- but by this Friday past I was MORE than ready! What with arguing, complaining, whining, bitching from all angles- I was willing to offer to give the school some monetary compensation to take them back early!  My brain was completely fried, my wallet was empty and my patience was GONE.  But, being a fairly good mom, I tried to make the last couple of days of the long weekend fun and happy.

Want to know how that turned out?
The weather has been beautiful- a hint of fall in the air making me itch for hoodies and bonfires and the annual trip to Apple Charlie's. So outside plans were in order. Walks in the woods, playing in the yard - sounds great right? Well the tween had other ideas that so did not include us- o.k. - I get that- just stomp all over my feelings kid- no problem. The youngest- well, let's say that pulling him away from electronic media is a Herculean task. Somehow we managed to do it,getting him outside to help dad with burning stuff. Yep- that is EXACTLY how my husband and I got him outside- with the promise of FIRE! It worked- don't judge!

The night before school I had the bright idea to have Family Game Night- and it was agreed we would play Boomblox on the Wii. It all started out fun- but the husband wasn't feeling great and his patience was thin and the tween decided that she needed to make nasty comments to and about her brother every 2 minutes. About 20 minutes into Family Game Night I was pissed, had yelled at everybody at least once and decided I was done. Thanks everyone- for helping to make this a fun evening. (insert heavy sarcasm tinged with bitterness here)

The tween went to her room to try on every article of clothing she owned,and feeling very sorry for myself  I poured  a very big glass of wine,and went outside. Dad and the boy went upstairs to watch a movie.  So much for family game night.  See if I make that damn offer again a anytime soon.

Fast forward to this morning. Everything went very smooth as I got them ready and out the door, much to my happy surprise. But now, as I sit here writing this, in my quiet house, I think I kinda miss them. I hope their respective first days are going well, and I find myself anxious to hear all about it. 

'Twas the first day of school
And all through the house
There were no sounds of disagreement
Not a tear, nary a grouse
Kids were sent off
On the big yellow bus
Mom and Dad had 5 quiet seconds for just us
Then dad grabbed his things
And kissed me goodbye
And I was thrilled he was going
I am not going to lie!
I sat down with my coffee
And enjoyed the quiet time
Thinking that soon back into my bed I would climb
But instead of bed- it was the couch that I chose
And while watching TV soon fell into a doze
Upon waking I discovered the house seemed too still
No voices around happy or shrill
Could it be?
That I hadn't a clue
That I might actually miss them
Halfway through their first day of school?
I know this will pass- this bittersweet feeling
And within an hour of them coming home mommy will be
Glued to the ceiling.