Friday, June 3, 2011

Merry Grinchmas..oops I mean Christmas- maybe

Most people (myself included) go over the top during the holidays – over-committing, over-consuming and overwhelming themselves with expectations and commitments.  Instead of feelings of peace,love and goodwill, people (myself included often find themselves tired, cranky and powered by guilt. Their faces start to scrunch up into that Grinch-like scowl and fun is the last thing on their minds. Taking care of the never-ending to-do list becomes the number one priority. Then before they know it, the holidays have come and gone and January leaves them asking, “Is that all there is?”

This year is no exception for me. Every year we say the same thing- we are getting one big i.e. expensive gift for all three kids and then some little stuff. And every year I go overboard on presents, and then have horrid buyers remorse. I stress out over  a very expensive dinner I host for the in-laws, I stress out over presents I should have gotten for special people in my life, I stress out over baking cookies (a tradition I try so hard to make fun but end up failing miserably) I stress out over the family Christmas extravaganza and the gifts for that, I stress out over EVERYTHING- which is so not the meaning of Christmas.  This year I have the added stress of  working two jobs and trying to do everything else in's a wonder I don't keel over from a heart attack.

All I want is for everybody to be happy, to enjoy their vacations, love their presents and create lasting memories that do not involve mom crying over her wine glass. That isn't a lot to ask is it?  So I have decided that I am going to STOP! Now that it is 3 days before the BIG EVENT, I am going to relax, do what I can and not worry about what I didn't do.  At least I am going to try. You know the Grinch figured out that the holidays are about intangible things. Sure, ribbons and papers and bows are nice, but after a while stuff is just stuff.

Merry Christmas Everybody!