Friday, June 3, 2011

The Facebook Phenomenon

If you haven't heard of Facebook then you literally must be living in a cave. Even if you don't use it- you hear people talking about it all the time. I am one of them. I played with MySpace for a couple of years- mostly making "friends" and establishing contacts in the Autism Community. I played the games, changed my name to silly things- was constantly changing my profile look, profile picture etc.
I heard about this Facebook from my oldest child and upon first checking it out I said- "No- not for me" With none of the flashy profile backgrounds (really, that is what I loved about MySpace!) and the fact that at the time it was really something marketed to the 20 somethings in college as a way to network etc. I blew it off as something for the younger generation and continued to play with my MySpace.
But there was more and more talk from my circle of peers about Facebook- "You should try it, you'll love it" they said. Well- trusting my friends as I do I set up an account.  I wasn't all that impressed at first- became friends with my husband and some others I had been friends with on MySpace as well. I pretty much forgot about it.  Then.....
I don't know how or when it happened- but I am now officially a Facebook junkie. When I am not working (which is all to often) I am on it. I have a farm, a cafe, I play Family Feud, I know which Greek Goddess I am most like, what tattoo I should get, who my celebrity lover of the day is and discovered the best page- a true life and sanity saver, Moms Who Drink and Swear.  I share my beautiful family pictures, thrive on the comments I get on them, love seeing my friends pictures, and being a fly on the wall in their lives. I have made some wonderful friends- notice the lack of quotations- that is because we have exchanged phone numbers, text each other and call each other regularly and share our lives with each other both on and off of Facebook.
 I converse with friends that live across the street and across the country.Hell, my Grandma is even on Facebook! How cool is that?  What I originally started as a way to meet and talk with parents of autistic children has turned into an addiction. I love the games, quizzes, everything! (oh- there needs to be a LOVE button) 
So  I'm gonna go- I need to do laundry, dishes, you know all the housewifey things I am supposed to do...but first I am gonna check my updates- who knows what could have happened in the 30 minutes I have been gone! 
See you on Crackbook my friends....
*Just an advertisement for my friend Nikki