Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm a bad blogger. Wanna spank me?

I'm Back!!!
Hey- it's me! I haven't been around in awhile- so if you have forgotten who I am- I totally understand.  Just a refresher- I am the wino mom that has the son with autism, and an epic potty mouth- ringing any bells? I am sure it will all come back to you. So I am going to cheat- and catch you up with a photo montage. Sorry- you will have to hum some inspirational/funny/metal anthem in your head for this!

Teenzilla went to her first Roller Derby
We won!!

The Mister wouldn't stop taking my picture

Teenzilla dyed her hair

First day of school

I got Jammie Dodgers all the way from The UK!!

One of several bonfires

Teenzilla and I just doing nothing

The Mister looking annoyed at football practice

Teenzilla and her co- cheer coach

Me sitting at the bonfire

Picture Day!

My birthday!

The Misfit offense

The Twenty something doing art

Parent Day!

My super handsome hubby

Made "Scammy" Dodgers for return of Doctor Who

More football!

The brownies were totally cool

Pretending that they like each other

Baking cookies (pre pink hair)

Putting The Boy on the bus for the first day of school!

Bad spelling

New magenta (no, NOT pink) hair
The Boy's First game!

Fish fingers and custard for Doctor Who

A very small sampling of our lives since I so rudely up and left you!  Not in any particular order either- my apologies. Yeah, maybe it's cheating- but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words! And be honest, would you really read 29,000 words??