Friday, June 3, 2011

It can't be time for back to school

Can anyone tell me what the hell happened to The Summer of 2010? Where did it go? I mean- the calendar says it is mid August- but that just can't be! It was just last week that I was racking my wine soaked brain for ideas to keep my kiddos busy and productive- and now I am discussing back to school shopping and teachers with them. Seriously- what the hell??

I blame it on having  to work this summer- while it has been a big help- having 2 incomes over the last couple of months- it has put a serious dent in recreation time with the family.  Yeah, we got to go Up North (once) and we got to go on a  mommy and daddy only mini vacation- but my kids have been sitting in the house- rotting in front of the TV for a majority of this season. OK- the weather has been crap- hotter than the surface of the sun one day- rainy and miserable the next 3- but I have always made do with whatever Michigan wants to give me weather-wise and this year- well- I was working my ass off until 10:00 PM several nights a week. Which, by the way, puts a serious damper on fun time. 

Well- no use bitching I guess- time marches on and there is a lot to be done. Clothes, backpacks and school supplies must be purchased.  Routines need to be re-established and bed times enforced. Back to school events must be attended. Cub Scout meetings and cheer practice put on the calendar. The insanity that back to school brings has me sprinting to the fridge for my bottle of Pinot. (or whatever happens to be in there at the time)

I will spend the next  2 weeks making a valiant effort to make up for my absence this summer. Bowling, swimming, movies and family game nights-and I will do it all with a smile- and they will love it OR ELSE!