Friday, September 27, 2013

On my soapbox again

Recently, I was having a "conversation" on good old Facebook about vaccines and herd immunity. When I explained that herd immunity is a myth, and is parroted by the CDC, doctors and the media to promote vaccine programs, I was told "I would LOVE to see the peer reviewed studies you have proving any of this."  And of course, as always, when I provided links to a couple of things I was immediately told how these articles were bogus because they came from anti vaccination sites, and "quacks."

So what makes their articles, books, etc. so much better than mine?  Even when many of my citations came from the NIH?   And just because a site may be anti vaccination, or possibly just questions the efficacy of vaccines, how does that automatically make the scientists, doctors and researchers quacks?  This double standard really irks the hell out of me.  I have made the choice to question vaccines, and the efficacy of them in general, based on personal experience, anecdotal evidence and hours and hours of scouring the internet for answers. This goes far beyond autism folks.

Recently, the Huffington Post had an article, I'm Coming Out... as Pro-Vaccine and I began reading it as I do almost any other article regarding vaccinations, regardless of opinion. But the more I read, the more livid I became. "Vaccines are different from every other parenting issue in that the choices that parents make affect everyone else as well. Vaccines are everyone's business."  Really? Pardon me why I call you on your bullshit.  There was a time, many, many years ago that yes, vaccines were everyone's business. That was back when our children only received 8 shots at a well child visit- not between 18-23.  There was a time when it truly was a safe choice to vaccinate our kids. 

Now? The amount of chemicals that we allow our smiling doctors to inject into our children's precious systems is staggering. The effects of combined vaccines have never been studied in depth, nor have any comprehensive studies been conducted comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. And there have been ZERO tests developed to see whether an infant may have an underlying issue that would cause issues when these chemicals cross the blood brain barrier. 

The dramatic rise in autism, asthma, allergies, ADHD and other neurological disorders should be a concern for EVERYONE.  As I have said about a bajillion times, the reasons for these upswings can most definitely be attributed to more than one cause.  I have never said that I feel like vaccines are the one and only culprit. But if people stopped for ONE minute- maybe, just maybe, they would at least be able to entertain the thought that a common link that many of these children have are...vaccines. 

Did you know that in the recent Whooping Cough outbreak in Texas this year, approximately 80% of the people who got it were vaccinated? And the so called "Anti Vax Cult Church" measles outbreak- the majority of those affected were adults?

So call me crazy, call me and my children "dangers to public health" but as you are pointing that finger, looking down your nose, and telling me that the your science is better than mine, remember, I used to be YOU. I used to take my doctor, the government, etc. all at face value, and believed every single thing that I was told.  I do not tell anyone NOT to vaccinate. If I am ASKED and ONLY if I am asked, I encourage people to space out their vaccines. Something Dr. Bob Sears and even Temple Grandin advocate. And also remember, you can't honestly accuse my child of making your child sick when A) My child IS NOT EVEN SICK and B) your so-called "herd immunity" should be protection enough.

Here is a list of links that includes peer reviewed studies. I am sure they will all be dismissed as "quacks" and that's your choice.  All I am doing is providing some information. I can't make you look at BOTH sides of the argument, and form an intelligent, well thought out opinion, whichever camp you may fall in.

This is a VERY short list. It is by no means comprehensive, nor does it answer all of the questions. But there ARE peer reviewed studies. It takes A LOT of searching and digging to find them- but they are out there. And again- there will be those who will argue with me that  their science is better, and what I have listed here is crap- and that's fine. I will read anything sent my way. I may find out new things. My mind won't be changed- or maybe it will. See- as passionate as I am about this, and as mush as I truly believe that vaccines can cause a major role in autism, autoimmune deficiencies, and aren't nearly as effective as we are all being led to believe- I really TRY to be open-minded. Let's see if you readers can do the same.

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