Friday, July 1, 2011

Pay It Forward Baby!

I got one!
Today is Pay it Forward Friday! I love this concept - it gives me a chance to really read a lot more blogs- and it helps others get there stuff out there. There are some pretty amazing writers out there- I am truly humbled. Here is how YOU can Pay it Forward.  When you are lucky enough to get a  Pay It Forward Award., insert this award at the top of a blog post along with the rules, and find FIVE fellow bloggers to give it to!  Thank the person who awarded you, mention them in your post, along with a link to your favorite post on their blog, and a  short blurb about why you liked it. Next, comment on their blog to let them know you "Paid it Forward"  (Thank you Derrick Barnsdale for letting me plagiarize you just a wee bit!)

So- here I go!

1) I am going to start with my hubby over at Dad v. Autism. He came out of nowhere with his "daddy blog" after writing a strictly sports blog. He is a published writer, and has been writing for a LONG time. His blog is insightful, tear jerking, laugh out loud and completely down to earth.  He has surprised me so much- and I think that writing about our son with Autism has given him more insight into our boy and maybe a little more patience. He has gained a HUGE following and is now competing in Blogger Idol...and has survived round 1! Please go check it out and vote for him!! 

2) Next is a blog that I started reading because the name was just awesome...Seven YuckMouths And Autism is written by Racers Mommy... a mom on the front lines of Autism. Racer has ASD and sounds A LOT like my Noah... she echoes so many of my worries, triumphs and fears- and she has made me cry on more than one occasion... she isn't afraid to drop and F-bomb now and then and really gives us a look into life with Autism.

3)This next one is awesome... all about being a MILF from my friend The Scarlet Mom. She writes about how being a mom doesn't mean that you have lost your sexy- it just means it has changed. She is a single mom with a sweet little boy , maneuvering through the dating scene and looking every inch the hot MILF that she is! Her confidence and poise are beautiful,and she has some really amazing advice! Her blog about how to Spice up Date Night was VERY helpful!

4) This next one is another mommy blog called Counting Caballeros. This mom has four kids..UNDER 10!!! Her blogs make me want to just drink a glass of wine with her and send the kids to bed!  One of my favorite posts was Don't Ever Agree to be the Room Mom. EVER. Boy- could I relate to that post! With 4 kids under age 10- the fact that she even stepped up to that was in itself amazing- and her refusal to let the Stepford Moms intimidate her made me want to applaud! She writes about her every day life- a little psychotic, sometimes rambling but always entertaining!

5)And last- is a brand new blog to me- he pimped me out today and I just got a chance to look at his blog- and I was in heaven.... Bacon is Health Food  complete with a  background picture of delicious sizzling bacon ..mmmm...bacon.... Oh- sorry- I was drooling on the keyboard there. Shaun also has a child with Autism, is a runner and talks about Primal Eating.. I get that...I am a carnivore- I can get into this! And I won't hold the fact that he is from Canada against him...especially since he bestowed me with this Pay It Forward Award today! Thanks Shaun!

So there we have it! 5 blogs that I enjoy and truly hope you will too. And don't forget about Blogger for my hubby..LOTS!!