Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't pee in the pool

I love swimming. So do my kids. They are water babies through and through.  I however  don't like  public swimming pools. The thought of  urine, bugs and used bandaids all in the same water that I am sticking my face in makes me kind of nauseous. But my kids love to swim, so I suck it up.

I would be ok wearing one of these..I think I could make it work
I HATE wearing my bathing suit in public- especially around all the hot, skinny moms in their super cute bikinis - not a single fucking stretch mark in sight- not to mention the hot nannies with their flawless tans and Jacki O. sunglasses. It is enough to make me want to revert to the 20's and wear something that covers me from neck to ankles.  I used to not care- I had my little swim "dress" and I would soak up the sun and feel better telling myself tan fat is better than white fat. I used to tan beautifully too- now I get these weird dark spots on my my face when I am out in the sun *sigh* 

Luckily, The Hubby's aunt has a pool so we get to go swimming and hang out without the fear of Noah getting too friendly with a complete stranger or me having to be in a public place in my bathing suit. Plus it's relaxed, and, bonus-we can bring our grown up drinks! 

Take that!
So that is what we did today- after a busy day of shopping with Tweenzilla and dad and Noah driving to Ohio for fireworks- we went for our first family swimming outing. Tweenzilla wasn't going to come- apparently she is working on being the palest girl in the world- but changed her mind at the last minute (which made me happier than I let on- the fact that she will still hang out with us makes me positively giddy). She declared she wasn't going to swim and was just going to read.  That lasted about 10 minutes- and then she was in the pool...clothes and all...yelling at Noah to quit shooting her with the water gun.

This is the way summer is supposed to be. And while I know I have many more years with Noah- the days of my baby girl hanging out with us are dwindling-  I have already seen it happen with my oldest. So to see her laughing, teaching her brother how to do a handstand  in the pool and just having fun is a precious memory I can hang on to...
Don't do it Dad...