Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just clearing the air

I have been feeling a rant coming on for the last couple of days. Blame it on the PMS, blame it on my supreme over tired, possibly coming down with a cold cranky bitchiness- whatever the cause it's festering. And nothing that includes the word "festering" can be good. Most especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

So- let's start with my daily Thankful quotes. I am thankful each and every day I wake up. I am thankful each and every day I wake up healthy.I am thankful each day my kids wake up healthy.  I like to showcase that during the month of November when everyone is feeling all grateful and thankful and warm and fuzzy. I do not discount the notion of being grateful every single damn day. But guess what? There are days that I am NOT grateful. Not for one damn thing! SURPRISE! I'm human.   Apparently there are those who think this is stupid and don't miss a chance to say something about it. IT'S FACEBOOK PEOPLE. DON'T LIKE IT? DON'T READ IT! BLOCK ME!  Just keep your condescending "You should be thankful every day of the year" bullshit to yourself. This DOES NOT include those who are NOT condescending, preachy or assholes. Just sayin.

I wish this was me
Let's throw in The Mister being off work for most of Thanksgiving break. And the fact that for 1 1/2 days we will be kid free. And the way he is leering at me and grabbing my ass every time he walks by. Listen- I am not opposed to some middle of the day sexy naked time- WHEN I am not PMS-ing like a bitch from hell, my hormones are fucked up - because apparently my crazy level wasn't high enough and I believe perimenopause has set in and I can't remember ANYTHING! Like to give The Boy his meds, remember he has band an extra day this week, or forget to help Teenzilla put the drops in her ear due to a mild ear infection. Or did I take aspirin, did I finish that homework assignment, what the hell was I just doing???   But then my bitch level reaches DEFCON 1 and everything my hubs does makes me MAD! It's not his fault, and when the mood switch is flipped I am a blubbering mess and apologizing like there is no tomorrow.

Now throw in a moody PMSing Teenzilla and it is like WWIII around here. Not pretty.

Schedule. He needs it. 
Then of course there is the fact that kiddos are off school, starting at noon tomorrow through Monday. Well- The Boy has Monday off, Teenzilla doesn't- STUPID.  Let's look at the rest of the week shall we?  No school Monday. Full day Tuesday. 1/2 days Wednesday and Thursday. Full day Friday. Is this a fucked up schedule or what? The Boy is going to be ridiculously out of sorts and I swear the first phone call I get from the school is not going to end well. You people couldn't have Tuesday and Wednesday be full days and Thursday and Friday be 1/2 days? HOW FUCKING HARD WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?? Don't get me started on how parents won't come to conferences on Fridays- I teach- I am a parent- this could have worked out in a much less clusterfucky fashion.

Look at that. I am already feeling better.  Or maybe it's the wine. See the smile?