Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pay it Forward Wednesday..I DEFY tradition!

So Pay it Forward Friday or PIFF is an awesome way to give fellow bloggers a shout out and find some very interesting reads. I have been the subject of a few PIFF's, and have reciprocated in kind.

I am choosing to do my Pay it Forward blog today- mostly because I have been reading a lot of blogs and I truly want to get them out there, and partially because I hate rules, timelines and generally being told what to do. So suck it up, go check out these blogs and tell them who sent ya while you're at it!

The first blog is Mary Tyler Mom and she will make you laugh. She will make you cry. Her blog is the journey through her daughter's cancer- and how they lost her. This month she has been blogging in a serial format- each day has been a blog and each blog chronicles her daughter's 31 months of treatment. I swear to myself I won't read each new installment, but I do- it tears my heart out every damn time- but it is worth the read. Check her out- you won't be sorry.  And hey- "Like" her Facebook Page too, ok? Mary Tyler Mom on Facebook

The next blog is Give me a Valium with my Latte- this is an amazing 2 mom venture that keeps me laughing all of the time!  Kerstin and Theresa are BFF's who write about all of the things we feel guilty, worried or stressed about as moms- they don't judge, they totes get what the hell we are saying! I personally LOVE the "Crazy Shit I have said to my Kids" because I too have slipped and said some pretty crazy shit - and I know damn well A LOT of moms have too!  They also have a great Facebook page- but please don't be a troll- they don't need that shit....Valium with my Latte- "Like" it...tell them I sent ya!

And last on my list today is Insane in the Mom Brain....she is truly certifiable...with her wacky mustache ( I mustache you a question!)   She is absolutely HILARIOUS! She believes in ghosts which I find infinitely cool,  she is obsessed with Drag Queens, and loves Paul Rudd.  She recently had shoulder surgery so her blogging is kind of at a stand still - but no worries- she has PLENTY of amazing stuff written to keep you busy until she can type with more than her left index finger ;)  I find her fascinating- I just wanna stick her under a microscope to see what makes her tick... NOT in a creepy way either!  Check out her Facebook page too! Insane in the Mom Brain Tell her I sent ya!

Add these mommy blogs to your reading list...hide in your room with a bottle of wine and let the laughter and the tears come at will. I am telling you- these women are awesome!

Oh...and have you seen my Facebook page? Are you following me on Twitter? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN "NO?" Get your ass going- and take a second to check ME out!!! ( I am THE Attention Whore- and damn proud of it!)

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