Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School- the 2011 Edition

This is it! The first day of school for the 2011-2012 year. I bought the kiddos new clothes- new backpacks and shiny new pencils and sent them off to learn this morning. Why is it then- after taking the day off even- that I am in the dumps? Could it be because  I missed their entire summer WORKING?? Could it be the weather is cold and grey outside? Could it be that I am tired and out of my thyroid medication? Most like a mixture of all of them.

Always posing
The boy started his first day as a 4th grader in a mainstream classroom in a new school. Close to home, with a wonderful teacher and what is hopefully a VERY helpful and supportive IEP team.  I am so very excited about this year.

Teenzilla started 8th grade. The last year she will be a "Big Dog"  until Senior Year.  She bounced out of the house this morning looking adorable as usual with a "Love you Mom" over her shoulder as she headed out.
Beautiful girl!

The Mister went with me to the Boy's new school to make sure he got to the right classroom and to talk to the teacher a little as well. He settled right in and began doing the seek a word puzzle she had out for all the kids. Right away I saw 2 kids he already knows in his class...that was very nice. The teacher (who Teenzilla had in 4th grade!)  asked us a few questions and then the school psychologist popped in as well.

I left feeling both relieved and anxious at the same time. I am so happy I took the day off work. But now- as I sit here- I am thinking I like it a little TOO much. The thought of going to work 45 minutes away tomorrow and not being instantly ready to help if needed is making me very nervous.  VERY nervous and a little bitchy.
I am sure he will be just fine- but I WANT to be closer. I WANT to be home. I WANTITWANTITWANTIT!!!! (cue temper tantrum here)

Not to mention Teenzilla and her anxiousness over advanced math this year, Not that I could be much help with that- but I could make her laugh and fix her a snack until Dad got home to help.

So- I am starting a fund-if you would like to contribute to my "Stay at Home Mommy Fund" please contact me for details. $1.00 here, $5.00 there..all donations are accepted and appreciated.  Thank you for your help!