Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surviving football- one week at a time

So the boy started little league football this week. To say this is monumental is an understatement. Team sports and autism don't always mix- at least for us thus far. But this week has been amazing for my boy.
Damn he is cute!

My first place girls last year!
Little League Football is GRUELING. 6 days of practice a week- 2.5 hours a day. In the heat. In full football gear (which I need a crash course on getting him in to..what an ordeal!) Top that off with me working 8 hours a day with 3 year olds and then coaching the freshman cheerleaders. Yeah- I am insane- but I love it.

I haven't got to watch a lot  of the boy practicing- getting it all via text from the mister during - since I am alllllll the way at the other end of the practice field with my adorable little cheerleaders. But  I do see him running on occasion and will yell encouragement- but I am not getting to see the bulk of what he is learning.

From what I hear- he is doing o.k  He is woefully out of shape and has not played an organized sport since our soccer debacle 4 years ago.   But hubby says he is taking coaching without shutting down, or quitting, and he does seem to be trying. "Chalk Talk" is apparently not his thing- and he zones out.   But he is still there- participating and developing skills and a sense of accomplishment I hope. And that makes my heart so very happy...

Every day this week- we have gotten home, had a few minutes of down time and then it's get dressed and to the field. He has not complained- he has not said I don't wanna go, he just gets ready and GOES.  And then there is whiny Teenzilla, "I HAAATTTTEEE CHEER!"  and her "team" of clique-y punk ass teen girls which makes me question my motives a hundred times and it is ONLY THE FIRST WEEK!

Today we got stuck in the clubhouse because of thunder and lightning and I had a minute to talk with the head coach... Coach "Z". He said he has hope for Noah- it IS only the first week, and he said he won't pull any punches- if after next week he doesn't feel like Noah is going to be able to hack it- he will tell us. But he also said he thinks Noah is a great kid and has potential- just like the other boys on the team. "Don't worry Coach" he said to me today...and while that is easier said than done - I have to say I do feel a little better.

My biggest worry is if he makes it to the first game- I will be  on the sidelines with my cheerleaders- RIGHT BEHIND THE BOYS! Talk about stress! And the fact that he is SUPPOSED to get 4 plays a half..Goddess help that coaching staff if he doesn't!

But I am getting ahead of myself..let's just see if he makes it to the first game. I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer- but it worries me. He is proud of himself- his dad is over the moon and I think with a little time he will really get this football stuff.  So that alone should get keep him going... pride in himself is the most important thing to me.

Now I just gotta get my mini cheerleaders in shape and keep Teenzilla on track. Oh and drag my ass outta bed at 4:15 A.M. every morning. And still be ON for my kiddos in all the between times.

Damn- there are still  9 weeks left.....I need a glass of wine and a nap.