Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip!

As promised- here is the next installment in the "One Time In Chicago" series. But I am lazy and tired and unfocused- so the "series" may be just this one blog....
Candy Ass and I getting ready to go!

 So- the original plan was to take the train from Detroit to Chicago. Then shit happened and it turned out that my fellow Mom Who Drinks and Swears Candice  would be flying in and then renting a car and we would just drive there. Saving me some $$$ and giving us time to bond!

And bond we did- the drive from Detroit to Chicago is a little over 4 hours. Not too bad. But- Candice was buying a car- it was in Illinois and we were going to take a slight detour so she could go see and drive it. Cool- we didn't have time constraints- other than just being insanely excited to meet the rest of these  foul mouth, booze, swilling mamas.

Our detour took us off the freeway onto the surface roads- where we saw a terrible car accident, got stuck at a four way stop that apparently threw every single driver into a complete tail spin and then finally to her new car! ( which WAS a Mercedes- drove like a dream and the ass who worked at the dealership sold it out from under her...)

Night vision drunkenness!
The add in an interesting trip through Joliet Illinois- which we couldn't figure out if it was ghetto or nice- so we just settled on Ghetto Fabulous- a stop for night vision goggles and then a very round about trip to the hotel and we had ARRIVED!! 7 HOURS LATER!!! 

Meeting all of these women after having been friends online for over a year was so amazing- words seriously cannot express it. I have never hugged so many people in such a short amount of time It was HEAVEN!!

Oh Nikki you're so fine!
Then off to the rooms for cocktails- and I finally got to meet the crazybeautiful genius that started MWDAS..Mizz Nikki herself! We hugged like long lost sisters -( which is what all of these women have become to me- sisters)

The rest of the weekend is a semi blur of drinking, planking, singing, dancing, swimming and talking talking talking! I have never felt so comfortable with a group of essential strangers- and can't imagine life without them in it now.  
Outback Parking lot Plank!

Pool Table Plank!

Who the fuck are you?!?!
All of these women- together for a whole weekend- and not ONE OUNCE OF DRAMA! NONE!! That is how easy it was. It is truly inexplicable. 

So to my honey badgers- CALM THE FUCK DOWN.  We will see each other next year - count on it!