Friday, July 20, 2012

15 Wonderful, Crazy Years

Wow- so young, so naive, SO THIN!

Fifteen years of marriage. A drop in the bucket for some. A miracle in these hard times for others. It feels like forever, but it feels like only a minute. 

Somehow, we have made it work, but it has been a hard fought battle to hold it all together. I was convinced that after the first 5 years things would get somewhat easier. And while there have been wonderful, beautiful stars in our eyes times, there are still so many days that it feels like it's all an uphill battle. Days you feel like you have nothing to look forward to, nothing to hope for, and this is all there is. But then the clouds break, the sun shines,  and it is in those small moments that you can really revel in the amazingness that is your marriage and the fact that you have held it together- and BREATHE. Then life crashes down on you again and you hold your breath waiting for the next break in the insanity. 

The Mister and I are so different-I am LOUD where he is quiet.  I am outgoing,and  love to be around people, where he is reticent and content to be at home. I like making new friends, he is content with high school buddies. I smoke, he doesn't.  He loves boats, I don't.  You get the point.  They say opposites attract, but DAMN!

Over  the last 15 years I have gained an appreciation for Star Wars, The Beatles, RPG's, Batman and other assorted comic book characters. He has gained an appreciation for going out and being around lots of people, for some of my music, and my love of kids and being a preschool teacher.  Our marriage has been like an intense learning experience/science project- and we both have learned and adapted.

He says sometimes I make things difficult. Of course I do. But in my head- it's not difficult, I am thinking "outside the box" and he has tunnel vision. So I could also say he makes things difficult. He is a RIGHT NOW kind of guy- as in- deal with things that are in this very moment- I on the other hand look down the road at the implications from whatever is going on in that moment. That is our biggest problem I think. His inability to look into the future, and my inability to not just fix one problem at a time- and not inventing more. We try to make the best of bad situations and enjoy the hell out of the good times. 

Here's to an amazing dad, a fantastic husband and the bestest best friend a girl could ask for.  I love you honey- let's work on the next 15 years ♥

We're not perfect. But we are perfect for each other.