Monday, July 23, 2012

The blog where I piss people off

It seems there is an inordinate amount of controversy in the media today. Some old, some new, some obscure, but all potentially incendiary and providing infinite fodder for the social networking grist mill.  So, of course, since I am somewhat bored today and been reading several articles and of course commenting as well, I decided to throw a couple of these topics into one blog, giving my opinion and then sitting back and watch the fallout!

So let's start with the most recent horrific tragedy- the Aurora, CO shooting. What a senseless nightmare this is. On paper- an intelligent young man working toward his PhD in neuroscience. Lurking underneath a-what? Dangerous psychopath? Sociopath? Someone who just "snapped" under the pressure? The theories so far are broad and range from he could have been on the Autism Spectrum (that one pissed me right off) to a deluded yet brilliant mind that concocted this scenario months ago. Because he isn't very forthcoming with any answers to his rampage that killed 12 people- among them a 6 year old girl- there just ARE. NO. ANSWERS. And even if eventually he does speak up- how will that help the families (including  his) cope with the loss of loved ones?

There was a flurry of blogs getting all righteous about the couple who brought their infant and preschooler to a midnight showing of a very violent and dark film.  Do I agree that small children should be at ANY midnight premiere? HELL NO!  Do I believe that any child under the age of 10 should be allowed to see such a violent film? HELL NO!  Do I think that those parents were selfish and only thinking of themselves? HELL YES! Have my husband and I missed a bunch of movies we would have liked to see because we had small kids and no sitter? HELL YES! Is that part of the sacrifice you make when becoming a parent?HELL YES! Do I think that they deserved to be shot at and their lives jeopardized because of said selfishness and questionable parenting? NONONONO!!!  It was NOT the point- but myself, along with a whole hell of a lot of others asked that same question. My rationale for that? Because wrapping your mind around a couple bringing infants and very small children to a midnight showing of a movie- especially one that was touted as being the darkest in the trilogy and IT WAS FREAKING A MIDNIGHT PREMIERE- is so much easier than trying to make sense out of James Holmes insane, bloody attack on these innocent people.

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Let's move on to my favorite topic of conversation...VACCINES!! YAYYY!!! If you follow my blog you already know my stance on vaccines, autism, and a host of other neurological disorders. You also know that I have never said DO NOT VACCINATE I have always said EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE! But I wholeheartedly agree with parents who do the research and choose not to vaccinate, and opt for a more natural parenting style which includes breastfeeding longer (although not past age 2- there is some more fodder for ya!) choosing healthier foods, living active lifestyles and the like- and choose NOT to inject their children with poisons. Because yes people- the very small amount of vaccine that might do good is all mixed up in things like formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells, aluminum... GROSS.

Vaccines have become one of the most profitable cash cows in the pharmaceutical industry, with the added benefit that the manufacturers are shielded from liability for any injury caused by their product. The manufacturers have advance contracts to deliver guaranteed amounts of vaccine in return for guaranteed amounts of money. How many millions of doses of flu vaccine were destroyed last year because they were not wanted? The manufacturers got paid. Governments got suckered (and citizens happen to fund the government’s folly).  It’s time to stop pushing the alarm buttons, using nine dead children in California to push the pertussis vaccine: Whooping Cough Rising at Alarming Rate The pertussis vaccine, in fact, is the vaccine that most often has an adverse side effect of encephalitis. .Are the manufacturers trying to unload it before that information gets out?   Now read this article: Vaccine refusal is not causing pertussis outbreak: Washington State Secretary of Health.  
(P.S. Whooping cough is RARELY  fatal in kids- if the throat swells and breathing becomes an issue- there is where the danger is)

It's time to stop calling people who don't vaccinate "CRAZY" "IMMORAL" "DISEASE CARRIERS". It' not fair and it's not right. Chances are your little Johnny sits next to someone at school that is *GASP* Not vaccinated!!!  It has gone far beyond autism and vaccines (which BTW there is still NO RESEARCH that absolutely refutes or confirms a link) it is now a total health issue. Like I have said a million times before...EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE. Space those shots out!!!

Wow- I guess I had a lot more to say on these two subjects alone than I thought! So- at the risk of boring you oh loyal reader  I will save my views on Veganism vs. Bacon, The Penn State Child Abuse Scandal,  homeschooling, and our 2nd Amendment rights for another day.