Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goody Bags by Martha Whogivesacrap

Halloween. It truly is my FAVORITE time of the year. From the weather to the decorations to the fall specific food- it truly ranks number 1 on my list of holidays- even Christmas.  (St. Patty's Day is the exception and then only because I can drink green beer and Jamisons ALL DAY and it is socially acceptable- WIN)

This is the time of year when the class parties begin. I like to go to the kiddos class parties- I like to help with refreshments and games and see the costumes, and watch the kids have a great time. It's the damn goody bags I LOATHE. I hate the goody bag more than anything.  When Teenzilla was in elementary school- I went ALL out- adorable bags, unique candy and toys- all tied up with ribbons and fancy tags- letting everyone know how awesome I was!  Her first year of middle school I was heartbroken that I no longer was going to be able to make adorable gifts for all of her friends. Crazy, right?

Enter the Boy. Being autistic he really could care less about the class party.  Other than the candy, he really didn't care about the games, food, and fun. It stressed him out. And when he was in the autistic class it was VERY low key. So after kindergarten, my goody bag skills went down the tubes. With so many allergies, special diets and food sensitivities, the variety of treats went way down. So I would bake (buy) something for the party and goody bags got things like pencils, bubbles, stickers and tattoos. And the Boy didn't really care- he didn't want to help put them together, and until about 3rd grade- passing them out wasn't too big a thrill either.

This year- he is mainstreamed back at our local school, and I decided I needed to be the Room Mom.  I am sharing the honors with 2 other moms- which is fine by me- and when I found out I got Halloween I was ecstatic.  So I planned the whole party- a breakfast with some fun games and they will pass out treats at the end of the day.

 Of course I got some other moms asking "Why breakfast?" To which I replied- "I have done a Halloween breakfast for 4 class Halloween parties with my older daughter and it works out great! Here is a list of stuff I need you guys to bring"  

Then I got the mom who said "I'll bring Jello" to which I wanted to reply- "Did I ask for fucking Jello?"  But I smiled my best Stepford wife smile and said- "That would be great"

Back to the damn treat bags. Since I do EVERYTHING last minute- I just put them together today. My original idea was brown bags that I would hot glue orange and black ribbons to and fill them with white chocolate covered pretzel rods decorated like ghosts, Halloween fruit snacks, and some non-peanut, non-dairy treat.  My original idea did not happen.
THIS is what happened.

So with all the excitement of Halloween, trick or treat and candy- I don't think the kids will give a damn what is in the goody bag. I also have a nifty spooky tree craft. a zombie tag game and a mummy wrap game using toilet paper planned. I can't wait for the first parent to ask me if Zombie tag isn't too violent for the kids, and if the toilet paper is hypoallergenic.  I will be sure to bring my Mommy Cup to the party.