Monday, March 12, 2012

Letting My Freak Flag Fly!

I found a great blogger, and she put out the challenge- "What's your weird?" and asked fellow bloggers to share stories of our own idiosyncrasies. Parenting With Aspergers  is an Aspie Mom raising 3 kids, all on differing parts of the spectrum.   She reached out to the Facebook community with concerns about her son starting 6th grade at a new school, and being nervous and worried that kids would think he was "weird" and make fun of him.

She got an amazing response. Bloggers answered the call, and after reading them- I am amazed how many things others consider to be "weird" about themselves I TOTALLY relate to, and find them to be not so much weird as "normal in the extreme".

For instance- I CAN'T sleep if the closet door is  open even a crack... nope- it has to be closed tight.  I am OCD about the way the glasses go in the cupboard and laundry has to be done in a particular order- whites, darks, reds then jeans. And pity the person who puts a towel or washcloth in with any of that!  I have a weird obsession with cheerleading- forced my Teenzilla to do it for years to relive my glory days through her. I believe in ghosts, I  believe in "The Rock Goddesses" and they are helping to control my life. If they are out of wack- I am out of wack.   And these things are just a fraction of the weird that is me- at least all I will admit to right now!

This has been a great experience for me- reading all of these- getting to know this cool new blogger, and being invited to join such an amazing movement all to help a boy, who may have Aspergers, but has the same concern as any other kid in middle school- "What if they think I am weird?".

The truth? No one is "normal" and there will always be someone who thinks we are the weirdo because they can't embrace their own weirdness.   In a world where we’re constantly comparing and judging and shaming, I find a little peace in knowing that the one thing that we share in common is our freak flag. 

These bloggers wrote some amazing stuff- go check them out- and LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!!