Thursday, March 22, 2012

One kid at home rocks!

My Teenzilla is in Washington D.C. this week with her school. It is an amazing, once in a lifetime trip that costs a shitload of money, but is something she will never forget.

Since she left on Monday I have only heard from her a handful of times- but every time she is tired but excited over everything they are doing. They never stop- from Gettysburg to Annapolis they get to see and experience so much, I am a little jealous I couldn't afford to go.

This week has been so weird and quiet. With only The Boy at home and The 20 Something popping in and out periodically I have got a taste of what it is like to just have one kid. Mornings have been less rushed, there is no arguing over TV, snacks or, well anything. Dinners are easier and laundry was noticeably less.

To put it simply- it has been GREAT! I miss Teenzilla of course- but wow- we have never had less than 2 kids in the house! Barring sleepovers of course- but that's it.

My beautiful girl returns home early Saturday morning, and I am sure she will be exhausted, hungry, and full of great stories about her awesome trip. The peace of the last week, the lack of yelling at her brother, and him crying about how mean she is will have ended.

And I can't wait to see her.

Pretty happy at 3:00 A.M.