Sunday, January 15, 2012

I don't swear that f&*%$ing much!

 *Warning: This post contains liberal use of many swear words. Especially the "F" word.  If you tend to be put off by four letter words -stop here.

I really don't

Fuckshitdamnbitchhellcrap. Swearing. We all do it to some degree. And don't you dare play all innocent with me. I am willing to be that just about EVERYBODY has uttered at least one expletive in their life- even if nobody was around to hear it.  

I have tried to be that mom- the one who demoralizes swearing. No words are BAD words- depending on the context. Not that I wanna hear FUCK coming out of my little darlings pie hole ( oh - and it has, on more than one occasion) but I feel that if I tell them not to do it-but yet I turn around and do it- it's not much of a lesson, right?  I am not a "do as I say not as I do" type parent.  I don't advocate using profanity- I just don't make a HUGE fucking deal out of it.  (see what I mean?)

I was having a conversation with my mister this morning. Just a normal, run of the mill, husband/wife type conversation. Both Teenzilla and The Boy were in the same room.  I can't remember exactly what prompted it, but I left the room, and over my shoulder I said "Fuck You" to the hubs...not angrily- we had been joking about something and that was my response. Neither kid reacted- well- The Boy does censor me- when I use spicy language he says "HEY" very loudly- and I usually apologize and continue on with whatever I was talking about.   


This got me thinking- growing up I heard my share of swearing. Shit, dammit, asshole, sonofabitch, these were things I heard, albeit sporadically. If either of my parents uttered the word Fuck it stopped me in my tracks. That was a word that just wasn't said out of the blue- if at all...not when I was growing up anyway. My parents uttering the mack daddy of all swear words was reason for me to hide- shit was going down and I didn't want to be around.  

But now- raising my kids- the word fuck is just that. A word. Not a very nice word to be sure- but just a word that has a time and place. Not at school, not at Grandma's house, not in front of younger kiddos, but there are times. Hurting yourself really bad for instance- that is cause to say Fuck.  Being irritated at school and saying "What the fuck" not OK. (Yes that happened- The Boy said that at after school care. Luckily I was there and diffused the situation quickly)  

I don't spew curse words in every conversation, around other people's kids, or in public. Like I said- there are times and places for these "language enhancers" (thank you Spongebob) and in the middle of Target or surrounded by kids at the local park are not them.  I would NEVER dream of using the word fuck in any connotation around my Grandma.  But in the comfort of my own home- with only my family around? You bet your sweet ass I use them . All the fucking time. Unless The Boy is censoring me- then I just say them quietly...

So for all of you that think I am a terrible,cock-a-doodie dirty sorry. Words are words are words. How we choose to wield them is what gives them meaning- good or bad.  I could say fuck off ya fuckin fucks- but that is pretty rude. I did put a disclaimer at the top of this blog- AND the title alone should have given you an idea you wouldn't like this subject matter- so I can only assume you kept reading so you could get all pissed off and make a rude comment- so in that case Off is the direction in which I would like you to fuck... 

This is fucking amazing!