Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sorry you got all butt-hurt over that pic I posted on Facebook. Not really.

You would think it said something about kicking kittens
Today I came across what I thought was a funny and (in my opinion) truthful Internet meme, and reposted it on Facebook
 That's it over there ----------->

I won't apologize to anyone who wants to get all butt hurt over it here- anymore than I did on Facebook. I found it to be funny, relevant and an accurate reflection of the state of the Welfare System. I wasn't targeting any particular individual or group. It made me giggle, therefore I reposted.

Well, did I open up a floodgate for someone on my friends list!  A list of rants a mile long about how people can't even get food stamps anymore, and that the system is scamming us- not the other way around. Well- I got sucked in, and just had to say "You can't seriously believe that NOBODY scams welfare anymore- that is just  naive! Don't be fooled- the few that DO need the help and aren't getting it are the minority. Too many sit around and collect their government issued ATM cards and food stamps."  I then proceeded to site one particular case recently in the news here- which was more a case of fraud than misuse- but even still. You can read the article here about the lottery winner who was STILL collecting welfare: Michigan lotto winner charged with welfare fraud.

And here is another: California welfare recipients withdrew $1.8 million at casino ATMs over eight months

And another: Daniel Silverstein, Lyudmila Shimonova Lived In Mansion While On Welfare, Investigators Say

So, tell me now, how the system is scamming US? Like I said- there are many people and families that truly do need the help- and I do not begrudge ANYONE the right to assistance. And I do not hate on people who receive welfare either- I WAS one years ago. But what I do despise, are perfectly healthy, functioning adults who refuse to get a job because it's not at the top of the food chain. So the answer is to sit on your ass and let my taxes help you? When you don't even TRY to help yourself? That is a load of bullshit.

I generally stay out of politics- I am not well versed enough to really have a "debate", and it just generally turns into a name calling, hair pulling brawl- and I am just not willing to put myself in that situation.  But for fuck's sake! This was AN INTERNET MEME!!! It was supposed to be amusing, and if you don't find it amusing PLEASE do not proceed to spew your left wing, conspiracy theorist bullshit all over my Facebook page!! Ignore it and move on, or, if you really feel you have to say something, send it in a private message.   In an attempt to make me look ignorant, you only succeed in making yourself look like a whiny 20 something who feels that they are entitled to hand outs.And I used to know you to be  intelligent, funny, witty and passionate. But the comments only served to make you look like an anti-government nut job. I take into account your age, and remember what it was like to be a self righteous 24 year old. If I would have had a social networking platform back then...damn!

The PSA here is: Be passionate, want to change the world- PLEASE! Just don't do it in a comment on my personal FB status... 

Photo Credit: www.someecards.com